Hope Is Rising 2020

Planning for our Hope is Rising 2020 event began over a year ago. So when words like ‘pandemic’ and ‘social distancing’ started being used just days before our gathering, we were concerned. Would the event location still be available? Would anyone show up? Should we be proactive and cancel?

The comfort to us was the date, speakers, invitees, attendees, and details were prayed over and had to pass through God’s sovereign hands. He was not surprised by what was happening in the world and how it would affect our event. His rule was not interrupted for a second. The event location confirmed it was staying open. Our keynote speaker, Pastor Dave Mudd, didn’t hesitate to

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attend. Ten pastors, ministry leaders, and their spouses were there. Approximately 70% of those who said they were coming joined the event.

Our desire for the event was to glorify God, demonstrate how He calls his church to love and care for teen moms and their children, and invite churches to consider hosting a Teen Mother Choices Program.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to any pastor, elder, ministry leader, or individual who wants more information about the Teen Mother Choices Program. In a time in history where being in community and caring for the under-served is essential, the Body of Christ should be at the forefront offering love and good works for the glory of God.

During this difficult time, we can be the hands of Jesus to teen moms and we can pray for one another!

We Would Be Honored To Pray For You

We know that many are struggling emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. The TMCI staff would be honored to pray for you during our staff meetings on Wednesday morning. Tell us how we can pray for you!

Teen moms need your help

On March 23, 2020, Teen Mother Choices International made it possible for you to help teen moms directly! When you donate to the Emergency Assistance for Teen Moms fund, you can choose which Teen Mother Choices Program you would like to bless with your special gift. Prayerfully consider helping a teen mom and her child today.