Training & Resources

Teen moms who are participating in a Teen Mother Choices program will receive one-to-one mentoring, assistance in setting and achieving goals, ongoing training through weekly Lifeskills Workshops, and receive benefits from the incentive program. Volunteers will receive training and continuing support and encouragement from your as their Program Director.

What TMC Programs Offer...


A Christian mentor will walk alongside of the teen mom to offer guidance and wisdom.  The mentor is a godly woman that will demonstrate the love of Christ and is willing to help the teen mom overcome many obstacles.

Lifeskills Workshops

Host weekly Lifeskills Workshops, equip and be in community with teen mothers.  Some of the workshops include Parenting Skills, Budgeting, Educational Guidance, Healthy Relationships and Lifestyles, Job Skills, Cooking and more!

Goal Setting

Teen moms will be empowered as you will help them set and walk them through your personal, educational, financial, physical and spiritual goals!

Incentive Program

Are your teen moms in need of childcare, transportation or diapers? Our Teen Mother Choices programs offer a unique service that will help teen moms with the cost of childcare, transportation or other needs so they can continue furthering their education and/or work full-time.