Why LifeSkills Workshops?

One of the four cornerstones of the Teen Mother Choices Program is LifeSkills Workshops. But why do we believe they are foundational to our success? Because we’ve seen its value and importance.

We’ve seen how teen moms interact with one another and their mentors over a meal and through a topical discussion. We’ve watched community members volunteer their time as presenters and recognize how their experiences are helping teen moms. We recognize the value of regular check-ins with a Financial Counselor to help teen moms tackle their debt and build their savings. We’ve seen how a night of creativity can open a teen mom’s eyes to new talents and abilities. The LifeSkills Workshop meetings are where teen moms find their community.

The challenge of weekly LifeSkills Workshops is the number of people needed to ensure the night goes smoothly. Not only does the TMC Program need a mentor for each teen mom, but also a meal provider, childcare workers, a Financial Counselor (or two), and a LifeSkills Workshop speaker. The TMC Program Director relies on volunteers to fill these gaps but, more importantly, surrounds the teen moms with other members of the Body of Christ. The more people and interactions the teen moms have with people who love Jesus and put Him first in their lives, the better!

As a new LifeSkills Workshop year will be starting shortly, now is the time to explore the different volunteer opportunities within Teen Mother Choices. Please visit FIND A PROGRAM to learn more. Prayerfully consider whether God is calling you or your church to start a program if there isn’t a location in your community. Please pray for our current TMC Programs and ask God to open doors to new locations.

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