Frequently Asked Questions about Teen Mother Choices International (TMCI)

Here you will find answers to common questions about TMCI, TMC Programs, the population we serve, and how to start a program in your community. If, after reviewing this information, you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]


Teen Moms/Program Participants

Do you serve pregnant teens?

No, we don't. We serve women who have delivered their child(ren) and chosen to parent instead of place for adoption. We have found more resources available for pregnant teen moms versus those who have made the life choice to parent their children.

What is the age range for a teen mom?

We serve parenting moms between the ages of 13-23.

What are the expectations of a teen mom?

Every teen mom participating in a TMC Program will work toward completing her education or obtaining full-time employment.

What do they "get" if they join a Teen Mother Choices Program?

A teen mom will be matched with a mentor, receive financial guidance from a Financial Advisor, gain knowledge and community in weekly LifeSkills Workshops, and receive an Incentive Service to help reduce the obstacles keeping her from moving forward.

Isn’t the TMC Program just a parenting class?

While we provide weekly LifeSkills Workshops that may discuss topics around parenting, we also discuss subjects around financial literacy, relationships, employment issues, and spiritual matters. In addition, TMC offers one-on-one mentorship, setting goals, incentive services, and financial counseling.

Does a teen mom have to attend the church that hosts the program or believe what the program's organizers believe?

Church attendance is not a requirement to participate in a TMC Program. The teen moms must know that most volunteers follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and He will be discussed throughout the program. Whether or not she chooses to believe in Jesus as her Savior and Lord is between her and God. Our role is to share who He is and what He has done in our lives.

Do you accept donations? (baby clothes, items, etc.)

Each TMC Program may accept donations. We encourage you to contact the nearest TMC Program to see if they are taking donations at this time. Find a Program HERE


What is the purpose of TMCI?

TMCI trains, coaches, and equips churches, organizations, and individuals to serve teen moms in their communities using the TMC Program.

What is the purpose of TMC?

To demonstrate the love of Jesus and guide each teen mom into becoming a loving, responsible parent and independent, contributing member of her community.

Is this a faith-based ministry?

Yes. Please review our Statement of Faith HERE

Program Directors

How does one get trained to become a Program Director?

Each trainee is assigned a TMCI Training Coach who will walk through the training process with her. The training is completed online and self-directed by the learner. After sections of the training are completed, the trainee and Training Coach will meet to discuss the materials and how it applies to their community.

What does a Program Director do?

A Program Director oversees the day-to-day operations of the TMC Program. She recruits, interviews, trains, and manages all the volunteers and mentors. She interviews teen moms, works closely with her Governing Body, and raises funds for the program.

What qualifications should this person possess?

A Program Director should be a follower of Jesus and love teen moms. Working well with people, organizational skills, and a teachable spirit are also helpful traits.

What is the time commitment of a Program Director?

A Program Director will spend approximately 10-15 hours a week on TMC-related items. During the initial training and establishment of the program, the time commitment may be higher.

Governing Body (i.e., Churches/Other Organizations)

What is a Governing Body, and why is one needed?

To receive not-for-profit status, an organization must have a governing body overseeing its operations and reporting annually to the government. A governing body should consist of men and women from the community with the skills and expertise to move the ministry forward while providing guidance and direction to the Program Director. Members of the Governing Body also assist with raising awareness and fundraising for the ministry. If a church is offering a TMC Program, the leadership of the church would be the governing body. If a Pregnancy Care Center is hosting a program, the Board of Directors would be the governing body. What does a partnership between TMCI, and a local church/organization look like? The local church/organization will be directly involved with the Program Director providing support, encouragement, and guidance. As the owner and gatekeeper of the TMC Program, TMCI will ensure the consistency of the program through bi-weekly meetings between the Program Director and Training Coach and quarterly updates provided to the Governing Body. The TMCI Licensing Director is an available resource to governing bodies to address licensing questions and issues.


What do I get for the cost of the training?

Based on 30+ years of experience serving teen moms, TMCI has developed a proven program of best practices, guidelines, and resources to equip TMC Program Directors for an effective and successful ministry. The TMC Director meets regularly with a TMCI Training Coach to complete the online TMC Program Training, which includes topics such as: › Developing Mentors › Goal Setting › LifeSkills Workshops › Recruiting and Supervising Volunteers Ongoing, bi-weekly training, counsel, and support will continue throughout the terms of the licensing agreement.

Why does it cost so much?

Implementing and managing a TMC program requires financial investment. TMCI takes on a significant portion of the investment through training, equipping, and resourcing the Program Director. The fundraising for establishing and maintaining the program and paying the annual licensing fee is the responsibility of the governing body.

Can't I serve teen moms without partnering with TMCI?

Of course, you can! There are people and organizations serving teen moms right now. The TMC Program offers more than thirty years of experience serving teen moms, and our Four Cornerstones have proven timeless.

Ministry Partners

I'm not interested in starting a program, but how can I partner with a new or existing TMC? Great question! If there's a program in your community, we encourage you to volunteer with that location. You can also provide financial support to TMCI, which shares a portion of what we receive with our programs.

Starting a Program

I have a heart for serving teen moms, but I am in the early stages of exploring this idea. What should I do?

Pray. Talk with people in your circles. Share your thoughts with members of your church's leadership. Explore your community and learn about any services that are being provided to teen moms.

How do I start a TMC Program in my area?

First, pray about it. Then consider doing a Readiness Survey HERE

I don't have a church or existing organization to partner with, but I believe my community needs a TMC program. How can I get started?

Our Feasibility Study is designed to help determine the need for a TMC Program and help you locate ministry partners.

I want to approach the leadership of my church with the idea of hosting a TMC Program. Any suggestions for getting the conversation underway?

After completing the Feasibility Study, you will have a solid foundation of information to present the ministry. You will gather information about the Services in your community, the Cost of starting a program, and the number of Volunteers you will need to run the program effectively.

What are the benefits of being a TMC Licensee?

We encourage you to review our Training and Licensing Brochure HERE