What is a Flagship Program?

In September, we introduced you to our plan to place a Flagship TMC Program in the Northern Illinois area. The idea for a Flagship Program came from Board Member Linda Crump and was enthusiastically approved by the Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting.

Today, we’re excited to share more about the Flagship Program. Let’s start by answering the question, “What is a Flagship Program?” For retailers, a flagship store is their primary location. It could be their largest, most unique, or busiest spot. TMCI envisions its Flagship Program to be closest to our corporate offices, with TMCI funding and governing the program. All other TMC Programs are governed by a local Governing Body, like the leadership of a church or the Board of Directors for a Pregnancy Center. TMCI’s Board of Directors will govern the Flagship Program, with Board Member, Linda Crump, overseeing its day-to-day workings. Kristin McElmurry (TMCI’s Training Director) will train and supervise the location’s Program Director.

We also want to utilize the Flagship Program to introduce the TMC Program to parties interested in establishing a program in their community. We could offer them the opportunity to come to Northern Illinois, talk to TMCI staff members, and visit a LifeSkills Workshop to see the program in real-time.

Many details still need to be prayed for and worked through. Will you please pray with us about these specific items?
  • A Host Church – This is the church where the Flagship Program will hold its weekly LifeSkills Workshops.
  • Program Director – That God will raise up the woman who attends the host church to be trained and serve as the Flagship’s Program Director. While attending the host church, she will be employed by TMCI.
  • Mentors, Volunteers, & Teen Moms – That God will already be working in the hearts of the individuals who will serve as Mentors and other volunteers, as well as the teen moms who will become a part of this TMC Program.
  • Funding – For the funds required to implement and manage this Flagship Program. If you’re interested in financially supporting the Flagship Program, you can do so here.
As with any new initiative, we are looking to God to set the pace and give wisdom where we are lacking. We trust He has a good plan for His glory and our good. Thank you for joining us in praying for and seeking His direction for the flagship location.

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