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“I never imagined that I would graduate from high school, go on to college, have a great career … and be a good mom! Thank you, TMC for helping to make that all possible.”

~TMC Mom

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Thank You!

It never gets old sharing the Good News and yesterday was no different. Many tears

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“If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

Thank you, Chandra, for speaking those words during your workshop last night. You were on point as you taught our teen parents about goals and the importance of having them.

Thank you for the passion you have to see our teens succeed! We are thankful for you and excited to have you on board as our new Parent Programs Goals Coach!! ❤️

We need Mentors!!  The Lord has brought more teen/young moms to us who desire to participate in our Chosen program. This program helps them achieve goals, smash statistics and break the stereotype of a teen mom.  If you or someone you know would like to make a difference in the life of a young mommy and her child, please contact us.

To learn more: https://conta.cc/3kaM2tu 

One of our young moms has drawn these and is using them as a study tool. As she learns more about the names of Christ, she is writing them down to help her remember. Also, as she finishes reading a book of the Bible, she is coloring the books in on this template she drew.  It thrills our hearts to see her drawing closer to God because His Word is clear. As she draws near to Him, He promises to draw near to her! James 4:8

We are so thankful God called us to work alongside of teen moms. They are precious not only in God’s eyes, but ours as well.

If you know a teen mom who needs help or who could benefit from being part of Chosen, our program for teen / young moms, please let us know.

Thanks to Teen Mother Choices – TMCI, our long-time affiliate, who provided us with a proven model to use in Chosen. Our clients who complete this program:

  • 100% graduate high school/GED
  • 70% go to college
  • 0% return to government assistance
  • 0% have repeat pregnancies
We absolutely love watching our teen/young moms succeed, smash stereotype statistics and become amazing moms!❤️

Thank you Maggiono’s for a wonderful evening and meal with our Chosen moms and mentors. What an incredible blessing and way to end the Fall semester together. Your generosity and thoughtfulness means more than you know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

We had so much fun with our teen/young parents and their children during the parent program’s Christmas party. Everyone was excited to receive special gifts from people who chose to bless them this Christmas season.

Here's a quick overview of all our teen parenting programs!

Robyn Jacobs

Program Director since April 24, 2019

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