Linda Crump Former TMC Participant #RunningWithPurpose Chicago Marathon 2023

Linda Crump, Executive Director of TMCI and former TMC Participant ran her last Chicago Marathon in 2015. This year, she is running with purpose, again, on October, 8th 2023 in Chicago!

Linda is #RunningWithPurpose

Linda has chosen ‘Running with Purpose” as her training theme to bring honor to Jesus Christ and raise awareness for Teen Mother Choice. Follow her journey below as she prepares for the 2023 Chicago Marathon in October.

"Running With Purpose" Pledge

As Linda trains for and runs the 2023 Chicago Marathon, she will raise awareness about the Teen Mother Choices Program and ask for financial support for Teen Mother Choices International. Please visit our pledge page below if you want to give on Linda’s behalf.

WGN9 covers Linda's Story

Linda’s training for the Chicago Marathon 2023 is taking its turns. WGN9 covered the story behind her purpose in a 4 minute interview. Check out the video interview here or read the story here. Pledge for Linda  and check out her promo items.

Linda's Promo Items are out now!

For her 2023 Chicago Marathon Linda hand picked a Running Starter Kit for all future runners and supporters. It includes a backpack, a water bottle and sport socks. We also have hats and bracelets.

Beach Run with Her Cousin Gio

Linda completed her 5 mile run along the beach at Kenosha Harbor. It was a beautiful day. She usually doesn’t run alone on her longer weekend runs. So this time, she brought along her running partner and little cousin Gio. We’re not sure who brought along who though, as Linda said Gio always runs ahead of her and keeps her running. No stopping, no breaks. Way to go!

Running and Biking

Next the Triathlon? On June 20th, Linda biked the extra mile. She started her training with a 3 mile run at Van Patten Woods Forest Preserve and ended her training with a 6 mile bike ride on the Peloton. Wow! When are you going for a swim?

Throwback Training

On June 17th in 2014 Linda and her niece ran a Chicago 10k Marathon. Facebook reminded her 9 years later of her achievement and why to continue training – maybe because she doesn’t want ot be dragged across the finish line this year. Today, she’s doubting the shirts, though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is There Something Like A Creature Free Run in Nature

After being traumatized by the birds – “I made eye contact with all of them!” Linda prayed for a creature free run – we’re not really sure there is something like that out there, but anyway – Linda ran 7 miles at Rollins Savanna Forest Preserve and watched out for animals the entire time. That’s why it probably went by super quickly. However, it was not her most peaceful run to say the least – the snake is her witness.

I Am My Own Competition

Even though the angry birds did get Linda afraid to run outside ๐Ÿ˜‰ she’s still on it! She beat her own time @Life Time Vernon Hills. Eventhough she had to run without a hair tie – a woman’s worst nightmare! Go Linda!

Training Encounter with Angry Birds

Linda didn’t think she’d have to be concerned about birds during her training runs. She was expecting bears and snakes while running in Independance Grove Forest Preserve. However, on her last training run she was attached four times by two birds! She was literally fighting birds off her hair and head. Luckily, she wasn’t really dangerously harmed when the birds were pulling her hair. Hopefully, this was the first and only encounter with birds like this.

Last Marathon in 2015

Linda always enjoyed running. But unfortunately she had to stop and have not ran consistently since 2018.

Supporting TMCI

Linda knew committing to a marathon would motivate her to get out and run. She always run with purpose, she ran for young parents in 2015, during her first marathon and she plans to do the same in 2023, God willing.

First Training Run

Linda just finished her first 10k training marathon in preparation for the 2023 Chicago Marathon in October with no stops or walks. Congratulations, Linda! We’re so proud of you!

Linda's Weekly Prayer Request

During Linda's training for the 2023 Chicago Marathon, she'll need our prayers for specific goals and runs. Check out the calendar below to learn each week's prayer request, and join us as we pray for her.