Inspiring Teen Moms Day

What is Inspiring Teen Moms Day?
Throughout America, young mothers between the ages of 13-23 are diligently working hard! They are completing their high school education and working towards becoming independent functioning members of their communities, all the while caring and providing for their children. These strong-minded young women deserve to be applauded for their tenacity and encouraged to keep reaching for independence!

How should Inspiring Teen Moms Day be celebrated or observed?
By observing Inspiring Teen Moms Day, every community in America can show their support and appreciation for how hard these young mothers are working.

Schools, churches, and communities can celebrate Inspiring Teen Moms Day by highlighting teen moms who are moving forward in their education in their towns. Local news media can mention graduating teen moms. Community organizations can inspire teen moms with gift cards and other resources to inspire teen moms to continue working to reach their goals.

Why was Inspiring Teen Moms Day created?
When you hear the term “teen mom” what image comes to your mind? Do you envision a young woman who gets pregnant and chooses to parent her child on purpose so that she can receive government assistance? Nothing could be further from the truth! Finishing high school, setting and reaching goals for college or a career, and at the same time providing for their children make teen moms some of the hardest-working women. Inspiring Teen Moms Day will help change how American view teen moms while inspiring other young moms.

Support and honor teen moms today!

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May 31 2024


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