2020 Scholarship Recipients

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2020 TMCI Scholarships!

Moriah Hyden is receiving our Program Participant Scholarship. She is actively participating in the Teen Mother Choices program in Brookville, Indiana. Moriah is working toward ful”lling her dream of becoming a nurse that took root when she was nine years old. During that time, she watched a team of nurses compassionately treat her grandfather after he got hurt. Moriah also remembers how kind they were to her family. She’d like to be a source of comfort and care to others during similar seasons. She attends ATA College in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is a college for medical careers.

The Second Generation Scholarship is awarded to Jocelyn Demiglio of Zion, Illinois. Jocelyn’s mom, Tammy, was actively involved at our TMC location in Gurnee, Illinois, from 2002 – 2004. Jocelyn is a 2020 graduate of Zion Benton Township High School and will be attending Luther College in the Fall. Like Moriah, Jocelyn is also interested in pursuing a career in the medical “eld. Her intended majors are Neuroscience and Psychology, in the hopes of becoming a Pediatric Neurosurgeon. Jocelyn has overcome many challenges throughout her life and shared on her scholarship application: “I have worked incredibly hard to get where I am today, against all odds, and I won’t stop now. I will continue to “ght through the turmoil I will face in college and grow up to be the woman God created me to be.”

We believe in both of you, Moriah & Jocelyn! Please join me in praying for and encouraging these young ladies as they work toward completing their degrees.

End of Program Year Zoom Call

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, we will be meeting with our Program Directors from various parts of the country on a Zoom call. We are excited to use this technology to connect differently with our Program Directors. They are used to hearing from Kristin, TMCI’s Training Coach, regularly, but this call will allow them to interact with each other. We hope to listen to the highlights their groups experienced during the 2019- 2020 program year. We are also interested to hear how they overcame the many challenges 2020 has offered.

We know what a special group of women God has given us as partners in ministry. They dedicate their time, attention, gifts, and talents to serve, encourage, exhort, and support teen moms in their communities. They are also committed to sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with the teen moms.

Please pray for our call at the end of the month. Ask God to help us connect well over technology and to be encouraged by one another. We plan to make these calls a quarterly occurrence and are asking God to help our Program Directors see them as a valuable use of their time.

Serving Together

In recent days, I’ve been reminded of the blessing it is to serve with the body of Christ. After a particularly challenging situation was brought to my attention by a Program Director, I had several people with expertise, knowledge, and practical experience to call for guidance. During those calls, I shared general details of the situation and received practical steps to pass along to the Program Director.

Support of TMCI comes in many di!erent forms. We value the prayer and “nancial support of our ministry partners. Our Board of Directors regularly provides clari”cation of the ministry’s direction and big-picture plans. We have mentors, volunteers, meal providers, “nancial advisors, and LifeSkills Workshop leaders who faithfully serve the teen moms. We also have those in our circles who may not formally volunteer, but will answer the call for help and respond with insight and wisdom.

Will you join me in thanking God for the body of Christ? Jesus knit us together through his life, death, resurrection, and we give God glory when we honor and value each member’s contribution to his kingdom.


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