What Am I Actually Donating To?

“When I give to TMCI, what am I actually donating to?”

As a ministry partner, I hope our mission and focus have been clearly stated – and regularly repeated – so you can say with confidence:

“TMCI equips, trains, and coaches women nationwide to learn and implement the TMC Program in their communities. TMCI works to partner with the TMC Programs’ governing bodies to assist them as they lead their programs and offer online resources, continued coaching, and more than 30 years of experience serving teen moms.”

But if you still have questions, one way your donations are used is by keeping TMCI’s Training costs low for the trainee. With every new trainee we take on, TMCI begins at a financial deficit. We charge a new trainee only 37% of the total cost of the training, which does not include the ongoing coaching the Program Director receives once their training is complete. As a Licensee, they will also pay an annual Licensing Fee, which is only a third of the cost TMCI incurs.

Many of you may think this is a poor business plan, and we should at least break even or make a profit. But God’s ways are not our ways, and He hasn’t called TMCI to “turn a profit.” He has faithfully provided for our needs over the past thirty-four years, and we trust He will continue. He works through His people, like you, who believe in the ministry of TMCI and want to see it continue.

As we look ahead and plan for the future, some of the ventures God has laid on our hearts may be costly, but we’re stepping out in faith. Will you continue to pray for our Board of Directors and the TMCI staff as we seek God’s plans and purposes for the future? And, if He calls you to give financially to TMCI, we pray you are confident your donations are being used for His glory and His kingdom’s work.

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