What A Year!

After every LifeSkills Workshop year, the Program Directors complete TMCI’s Annual Statistics Form. Although I regularly speak with the Program Directors and hear praise stories throughout the year, seeing the teen moms’ progress written down is an encouragement.

One of the young moms is on her third attempt at taking college classes. She had to drop out after the first two tries due to issues with financial aid. She has been able to resolve the financial aid issues with the help of TMC and is receiving A’s and B’s in her classes. Her confidence is soaring!

Of the women who are “graduating” this year, some of their accomplishments include:

  • Full-time employment with benefits
  • A big promotion with room to grow in the company
  • Graduating High School
  • Becoming a cosmetologist in a high-end salon
  • Establishing a savings account for herself and her children
  • Receiving her Correctional Officer Certification and getting a job at the County Sheriff’s Department
  • And all have been introduced to Jesus, and several have committed their lives to Him

We may not be the most prominent ministry or have the furthest reach, but the testimonies of these young moms and the Program Directors demonstrate the life-changing impact the TMC program has on these families.

We give God all the glory for the work He has done and is continuing to do.

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