Welcome, Mimi!

With great joy and excitement, we introduce you to Mimi Baeumer, our marketing adviser. Not only is Mimi bringing years of experience from within the corporate world, but she has a long history with Teen Mother Choices (TMC).

In 2007, Mimi came to the United States from Germany to serve as an intern for TMC. During that time, Mimi saw firsthand the value of the weekly LifeSkills Workshops and how TMC contributes to teen moms’ lives. After months of attending the weekly meetings, Mimi shared how Thursday nights were her favorite night of the week. She enjoyed interacting with the teen moms and watching them set and achieve their goals.
More recently, Mimi rejoined TMC International in April 2020.

“Since having the opportunity to intern with TMC in 2007, I have been touched by the volunteers, the teen moms, and the program. I have stayed connected to many of the people I met in 2007 and, when the chance came to support TMC International with my experience and create a bigger awareness of this ministry in 2020, I gladly took it. It makes me so happy serving the bigger purpose.”

We are grateful that God has allowed this partnership between Mimi and TMC International to continue. She is bringing a wealth of experience, wisdom, and a long-held love of this ministry.

Thank you, Mimi and welcome!

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