We Have Much to be Thankful For

Between the political ads and the early inclusion of Christmas decorations and sales, we have Thanksgiving. We are encouraged to overlook the holiday that encourages gratitude and appreciation for what we can “get.” As an organization, Teen Mother Choices International (TMCI) is dedicating each day of November to thankfulness. While we are just days into the month, we have several community partners we are thanking God for this week.

Westlake Academy, a Christian school in Northern Illinois, welcomed Christa to an assembly for seniors to discuss community service. She shared how they can use their gifts, talents, and passions to significantly impact small not-for-profits.

In addition, a nearby quilting group reached out to TMCI to create stockings for the teen moms and their children of our TMCI Licensees. They, too, are using their gifts to bless others this holiday season.

Finally, Great Lakes Credit Union has again agreed to fund the 2023 TMCI Scholarships. One scholarship benefits a current teen mom in a TMC Program. The other scholarship is for a child of a teen mom who graduated from a TMC Program and is continuing their education after high school.

Partnerships like these are a beautiful picture of how we, as a community, are better together. We are so appreciative of these and many other community partnerships. Have you considered how your talents and passions could benefit others in a TMC Program and your community? You have much to offer! It may not look like a traditional volunteer position, but by thinking outside the box, you may be exactly what a ministry needs.

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