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The TMC program mission is to demonstrate the love of Jesus by coming along-side each teen mom to nurture, model, instruct and guide her into becoming a loving, responsible parent and independent, contributing member of her community.

The Teen Mother Choices Program (TMC) is a proven, outcomes-based, two-generation program designed to enter-in to every part of a teen mom’s life while encouraging, equipping and empowering her to overcome the challenges of teen parenting.

The TMC program mission is to demonstrate the love of Jesus by coming along-side each teen mom to nurture, model, instruct and guide her into becoming a loving, responsible parent and independent, contributing member of her community.

By understanding the pressing needs and barriers teen moms face to finish high school, find and keep a job with adequate pay, secure affordable childcare, housing and transportation, TMC is uniquely positioned to wrap-around each young mom with resources, mentoring, goal-setting, parenting and life-skills training that will equip and support her through her journey of adolescent parenting and into a purposeful future.

TMC Offers Every Teen Mom...

A safe and welcoming community where hope can grow

Consistent, nurturing relationships

A trusted mentor, guide and friend who will walk along-side

A life-giving weekly program

LifeSkills Workshops

Goal Setting Framework

Resources & Services

Financial Management

Job Skills Training

A New Future

To start a TMC Program in your community, consider working through our 3-Step Training Program!

The TMCI Training Process is designed to help determine if there is a need for a TMC program in your community as well as equip you with all the knowledge and resources TMCI has accumulated over the past 30 years. There are three steps in the TMCI Training Process: The Readiness Survey, The Feasibility Study, and The Licensee Director Manual. When all aspects of the training are completed, the individual trainee will be considered a TMC Program Director, and the church or other existing 501 (c) 3 organization will be a TMCI Licensee.

Step 1: The Readiness Survey—No Cost

The Readiness Survey is a short online survey designed to gather information about the person, church, or organization’s community and previous experience serving teen mothers. If you are interested, please follow this link to our training website,, create an account, and complete the Readiness Survey. Once completed, we’ll review your survey and contact you directly.

Step 2: The Feasibility Study—$300

Upon completion and a review of the Readiness Survey, the next step in the TMC Training is the Feasibility Study. The Feasibility Study is a self-directed information gathering tool designed to uncover what services are already being provided to teen mothers in your community and what needs are not yet being met. The unmet needs may help identify the incentive program TMC can offer to entice teen mothers to participate in the program (ex. Help subsidize childcare costs, transportation, or gas cards). The Feasibility Study takes approximately 3-6 months to complete.

There are three sections to the Feasibility Study: Services, Cost, and Volunteers. In the Services section, you will be asked to interview teen mothers and community agencies. In the Cost section, you will estimate the cost of establishing and maintaining a TMC program. The Volunteer section will help you identify possible ministry partners and volunteers. At the end of each section, you will complete coursework which will be reviewed by your Training Coach. The Training Coach is a TMCI staff person who will partner with the trainee throughout the training process.

After completing the Feasibility Study, you and your Training Coach will discuss whether your community would benefit from a TMC program and if God is leading you to implement the program. If the Feasibility Study reveals your community does not need additional services for teen mothers, it has done its job. You are under no obligation to continue training. If the Feasibility Study confirms the need for a TMC program, the third, and final, step in the TMC training process is the Director Manual.

Step 3: The TMCI Director Manual—$2,700

Upon committing to training in the Director Manual, the holder of the not-for-profit (501(c)3) status will be asked to sign a Licensee Agreement, and the program becomes a TMC Licensee. As a TMC Licensee, you will receive all the resources and benefits of a licensee (See Training and Benefit Overview).

Similar to the Feasibility Study, the Program Director will continue to partner with their TMCI Training Coach to work through the nine sections of the Director Manual. The nine sections include:

  • Introduction
  • Administration
  • Developing Mentors
  • Managing Volunteers
  • From Application to Graduation
  • Raising Awareness and Cultivating Donor Relationships
  • Setting Goals
  • LifeSkills Workshops™
  • Closing

There is coursework to be completed by the Program Director at the end of each course. Once completed, the Training Coach will schedule a conference call to discuss the coursework and answer any questions. As each part of the TMC program dovetails into another, it is important to insure the Program Director understands the course material before proceeding.

The Director Manual training is self-directed and takes approximately 6-9 months to complete. If the trainee has more time to devote to the training, this period can be cut down significantly. Due to the involvement, and continuing support, of a TMCI Training Coach, this training is very different from other “online classes” or trainings. TMCI is committed to establishing and maintaining a relationship with each of their licensees, which includes bi-weekly conference calls once a Program Director has completed her training and is running the program. Ministry is hard and serving teen mothers has its unique set of challenges. TMCI wants to be an ongoing resource and sounding board for our Program Directors and TMCI Licensees.