Progress Update on Future Northern Illinois Location

You may recall that in September 2022, TMCI announced its desire to start a Teen Mother Choices (TMC) Program in Northern Illinois. This location will be unique because TMCI will serve as its governing body, while a local church will host weekly meetings.

Since last September, TMCI has been in talks with one church’s leadership team and is waiting on God to confirm whether or not this is where He ordained TMC to meet. Their response was favorable to our inquiries but explained the need to wait a few more weeks to discuss it with their team. We hope to hear their decision soon. While we wait, please pray that:

  • If this is the church God chose, we will hear from the church’s leadership soon.
  • We will identify the prospective Program Director for the new location, and God is already preparing her heart for His service.
  • The body of Christ in Northern Illinois will respond to the call for volunteers to fill the many needs of the program.
  • Teen moms in the surrounding communities would hear about TMC and commit to joining the program.

Our hands are open to where God might be calling us, and our knees are bent in prayer for patience in His timing and trusting His plan. These can feel like “big asks,” but we serve a big God who delights in doing big things for His glory and the good of His Kingdom.

Do it, Lord, we ask. In Jesus’s name!

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