The TMC Program is not just a “Parenting Class”

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending The Summit Conference (put on by Life Matters) with Teen Mother Choices International, where we spoke and met with a number of staff and Executive Directors of Pregnancy Care Centers (PCCs) from the Midwest.  TMCI was a key sponsor of the event, which gave us the opportunity to share our mission:  To train, equip and coach the PCC staff to implement a TMC Program in their center.  One of the big questions we heard was Why do I need your program?  We already do parenting classes.  It gave us a unique platform to tell them about how in-depth our program is, specifically in how it uses our four program cornerstones (one-on-one mentors, goal setting, LifeSkills Workshops, and the incentive program) to serve each teen mom in their 5 life roles (teenager, mom, student, employee, and seeker).  Once people heard about how the TMC Program addresses how to remove barriers the teen moms have they wanted to hear more!

A message we tried to communicate to the centers we spoke to was the idea of partnering together in serving the women that choose life for their babies.  We all have a role to play, and the TMC Program is truly The Next Step for a Pregnancy Care Center to continue to serve those moms.  Given the current climate that the PCCs find themselves in, working with TMCI would allow them to continue to fulfill God’s call to take care of those in need.  They don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but partner with a tried and true program.  Allowing them to see the long-term success of the TMC Program gave them a better vision of how we all play a part in serving teen moms.

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