Jesus – The Chain Breaker

Too often, we hear that organizations like the Teen Mother Choices (TMC) Program are “breaking the generational cycle of ___________.” Whether it be poverty, teen pregnancy, or deterred education, we know the only one who can permanently break these cycles is Jesus.

When someone surrenders their life to Jesus as their Lord and Savior, the chains of sin and death are broken in His name. Everything about us is changed, including the chains of sin. They no longer hold power over us, in Jesus’s name.

The TMC Program provides tools to the teen moms they serve to address these long-standing struggles. We offer financial counseling to understand the complexities of earning, saving, spending, and protecting their money. We talk about their unique God-given talents and gifts they can use in the workforce and to help others. We recognize the obstacles keeping a teen mom from progressing in her education and establish goals to address them. But all these tools would only be helpful if the teen mom chooses not to use them. The TMC Program Directors and Mentors are available to assist in these endeavors. Still, they expect the teen mom to actively participate in creating and completing her goals.

As the gatekeeper of the TMC Program, TMCI is committed to giving God the glory for any broken chains in a teen mom’s life. This program’s longevity and success are rooted in God’s Word and HIS faithful provision. Whether or not a teen mom comes to saving faith in Jesus Christ while in a TMC Program, we know they’ve heard the good news of the gospel, they’ve been prayed for, and God has demonstrated His care for them. Whatever seeds have been planted in their hearts about who God is and what Jesus accomplished for them on the cross is God’s to tend and cultivate. TMC is responsible for pointing to Jesus and providing tools that God will use in whatever way He deems fit.

He is the promise-keeping, chain-breaking God whom we can trust!

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