“God, what are you doing and what’s happening?!?!”

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

Have you ever been through a season where nothing you planned turned out the way you thought it should or would? TMCI certainly has. We’re actually in this type of season right now.
Our Board of Directors and staff planned to host the “New Year Next Step” this Fall to kick off a new LifeSkills Workshop year. We had the venue, date, food, volunteers, everything. Then northern Illinois experienced a rise in COVID cases, and we believed it was prudent to postpone the event. Similarly, our Board was scheduled to have its annual in-person meeting, but enough members had to fly to Illinois and agreed it, too, should be postponed.
Finally, part of our event was going to be filling backpacks with school supplies for teen moms. The bags didn’t arrive until the day before the event and were not what we ordered.
Despite the confusion and canceled plans, God continues to show his faithfulness to us. Here is what we believe God’s saying about what’s next for TMCI:
  • We hope to host a “New Year, Next Steps” event in the Fall of 2022. We are praying that COVID will subside, and people feel free to celebrate and be together.
  • Our Annual Board Meeting and Planning Day will be rescheduled soon. The Board is prayerfully considering a Zoom meeting instead of a face-to-face meeting.
  • We’ve ordered new bags! We hope to stuff them with goodies for TMC Moms and ship them out by the end of this month!
Thank you for your continued prayer support of TMC International! God is answering those prayers by reminding us to prayerfully plan while resting in the assurance that he determines our steps.

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