God using ordinary people who willingly obeyed Him is extraordinary!  

The Son of God coming into the world as a baby is miraculous! Jesus laying down his majesty to identify with us in our humanity is a miracle. And God using ordinary people who willingly obeyed Him is extraordinary.

Mary, as a teenager, willingly submitted to God’s plan to be Jesus’ mother. Joseph obeyed God by marrying a pregnant teenager for the sake of God’s plan. The shepherds listened to the angels’ proclamation and went looking for baby Jesus. Once they found him, they told everyone.

Today, through Teen Mother Choices (TMC) Programs, God is still using ordinary people to proclaim the love and hope of Jesus to teen moms. TMC Program Directors, mentors, financial counselors, and LifeSkills Workshop speakers obey God’s call to use their gifts, talents, and experiences to bless teen moms.

This Christmas season, one individual submitted to God’s will and graciously offered to match any financial gift offered to Teen Mother Choices International (TMC International) up to $50,000! This matching gift will help make it possible for TMC International to partner with other churches and Pregnancy Centers to bring the hope of Jesus to teen moms within their communities.

Please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to be a part of this matching gift campaign. He may be inviting you to be a part of His plan to reach more teen moms.

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