“Are there no prisons? And union workhouses, are they still in operation?”

In 1843, Ebenezer Scrooge spoke those words in Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol.” If Charles Dicken’s were to write those words in 2021, they might sound like this:
  • “Doesn’t the government take money out of my hard-earned paycheck to go to welfare?”
  • “Welfare gives teen moms and their kids food, clothing, and a place to live. Isn’t that enough?”
  • “If I already pay taxes to help teen moms, why would I donate to TMC International?”
While Mr. Scrooge may never speak those words, I have heard Christians say them. 
Did you know:
  • 68% of teen moms will stay on public assistance and not become financially independent?
Did you also know:
  • 85% of teen moms who graduate from Teen Mother Choices (TMC) Programs become financially independent?
TMC Programs offer so much more than a “hand out.” They offer the Hope of Jesus and aid teen moms in discovering their purpose. These truths make TMC Programs “successful” in moving teen moms from welfare dependence to freedom.
Your financial support helps make it possible for TMC International to train more Christians to offer Hope, Purpose, and a Future to teen moms within their communities.
May the Hope of Jesus fill your heart and home this Christmas.
Merry Christmas!

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