What We Believe

Teen Mother Choices International (TMCI) believes the Church is uniquely called and gifted to care for young mothers who bravely chose life for their child and who choose daily to parent their children. By reaching out to serve teen moms, the Church will lead the way in bringing about social and spiritual transformation in local communities.

The TMCI Story

Teen Mother Choices International (TMCI) is the copyright owner, steward, and licensing body of the Teen Mother Choices Program. TMCI was established in 2007 as a training and equipping ministry after Christa March, Founder and President, had found three programs and received numerous requests to train others in the Teen Mother Choices Program. The time and attention required to complete this training made establishing a new overseeing organization necessary.

Teen Mother Choices International:

  • Trains and equips churches and individuals in the Teen Mother Choices Program
  • Creates and maintains all training materials and resources related to the Teen Mother Choices Program
  • Maintains ongoing relationships with the Program Director of each of its licensees
  • Establishes a partnership through the Licensing Agreement and regular communication between the Program Director's church, or governing body, and TMCI
  • Serves as a resource for Program Directors and the governing body
  • Promotes the Teen Mother Choices Program
  • Offers a scholarship opportunity for teen moms who are current participants in the Teen Mother Choices Program as well as a Second Generation Scholarship for children of teen moms who graduated from a Teen Mother Choices Program