23 More Days Until Matching Day!

On November 16, 2021, Teen Mother Choices International (TMC International) began a $50,000 Matching Gift campaign. Gracious individuals have stepped up to help us meet our goal.

  • Former TMC Program moms
  • Grown children of TMC Program moms
  • Individuals who never heard of the TMC Program until they learned about TMC International on Facebook
  • Former TMC Program Directors
  • Pastors
  • and many more

To date, we have reached 25% of our goal of $50,000.

With 23 days left in this campaign, will you prayerfully consider letting God use you to help us:

  • Provide current TMC Programs with financial assistance to help them cover the rising costs of childcare, tuition, and transportation for the teen moms they serve?
  • Work with other churches and Pregnancy Centers to start more TMC Programs?

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Christa March
Teen Mother Choices International

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