Sponsorship Opportunities make it possible for churches, small groups, and businesses to provide financial and tangible support to TMC International. These sponsorship opportunities allow others to serve teen moms involved in TMC Programs and assist TMC International in establishing TMC Programs in new communities. If you are interested in becoming a TMCI Sponsor, please contact us at [email protected].

Appalachian Clay

Thank you to Appalachian Clay for donating an ornament-making kit for every stocking the TMC teen moms received for Christmas 2022. The kit included:
  • Three ornament cutters
  • Clay in 2 different colors
  • Embossing tools
  • Rolling tool
  • Ribbon for hanging the made ornaments on the tree

We are proud to have them as a TMCI Sponsor and appreciate their generous gift.

If you want more information about Appalachian Clay or to see the other hand-crafted items they create, please visit their Etsy page in the link below.

Boutique Ten22

Ready for a shopping spree online and interested in unique, hand picked outfits? Then shop with Boutique Ten22, Stephanie and her team will make sure to support you every step of the way. Boutique Ten22 out of North Carolina provides TMC International with annual financial support.

Abundantly Scented

Abdundantly Scented is the homebased family business owned by Chrissy Fleming. She makes all things smell phenomenal and loves the freedom and community that Scentsy brings to everyone.

Through her business, Chrissy Fleming is donating candles to be placed into our Mother’s Day Baskets that each TMC Mom will receive for Mother’s Day 2022. “It really is all about love… God said so!”

Chain Of Lake Community Bible Church (CLCBC)

Since 2019, Chain of Lakes Community Bible Church (CLCBC) has provided TMC International with tangible support for the TMC Program in Lake Zurich, IL. Every year, CLCBC provides the TMC Moms with food baskets on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

CLCBC is located in Lake Villa, IL. Visit CLCBC’s website to learn more about this caring, compassionate church!

TMC International is grateful for CLCBC’s continue sponsorship!

Amazon Smile

Whenever you are looking for a gift or take care of your every day shopping at Amazon, please consider using the smile.amazon link and donate 0,5% of your purchase to your favorite charitable organization – at no additional cost to you.

Please select Teen Mother Choices International in your supporting tab on the left below the menu bar.

In the Amazon App, please click on the three stripes in the bottom right to select the menu, scroll down to select settings, select AmazonSmile and enable both web browser and mobile app and select Teen Mother Choices International. With every purchase made through the app, you will contribute to donate to TMC International.