Frequestly Asked Questions

If you are new to the Teen Mother Choices Ministry, welcome! We hope the following information will help you to get to know us better.

Question: How long has Teen Mother Choices been in existence?

Teen Mother Choices has served parenting teen mothers since March of 1989.

Question: Who specifically does Teen Mother Choices serve?

Teen Mother Choices has always concentrated its service provision on parenting teen mothers. We serve teen mothers who are women between the ages of 13-19 years, who have already given birth and have chosen to parent their children. Teen Mother Choices chooses to work with this specific population because of the lack of services available after the teen mother has given birth and who is needing assistance with parenting and lifeskills.

Question: How many Teen Mother Choices’ programs are there currently?

Currently, there are three Teen Mother Choices’ programs in existence. All programs are located in northern Illinois: Arlington Heights, Gurnee & Antioch.

Question: How many teen mothers does each office serve at one time?

Each Teen Mother Choices office serves up to 7 teen mothers and their children at any given time.

Question: Why can Teen Mother Choices serve up to only seven teenage mothers at a time?

Teen Mother Choices works dilgently to meet the needs and address all parts of a teen mother’s life:the teenager, the mother, the student, the employee and the seeker. Teen Mother Choices not only helps a teen mother return to high school, but we may also assist her to find housing, employment and other support services helping her to become a more responsible adult and therefore, a better parent to her child. Teen Mother Choices can expand its program as the Lord provides more volunteers and financial support. 

Question: How long can a teenage mother remain a part of Teen Mother Choices?

Each teen mother involved with Teen Mother Choices identifies and works toward meeting her own goals with the assistance of the Director of Student Services and her mentor. These goals are managed regularly. As long as the teen mother continues to work on her goals and fulfills the program requirements, she may remain a part of the Teen Mother Choices Ministry. It is not uncommon for a teen mother to participate for 2-3 years before graduating out of the program.

Question: HasTeen Mother Choices become an international ministry?

In 2010, TMCInternational was launched as a separate organization to assist and train other churches worldwide utilizing the Teen Mother Choices service model. TMCInternational trains churches and individuals to serve teen mothers in their communities, while Teen Mother Choices continues as it has for over 20 years, to be the local, direct-service provider for teen mothers and children.