Please meet our 2014 TEAM TMC Racers! Thank you for your financial, cheer and prayer support! We encourage you to read through each of our team members and learn more about their respective race and why they have chosen to race for Teen Mother Choices. Support the racer of your choice by selecting the “Support” button near the racer’s bio.

2014 Recently Completed Races:

2014 CourtneyCourtney O’Connell

Kigali, Rwanda
Midlands Ultra Triathlon, South Africa  - March 2, 2014

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About Me:  Hi!  I’m Courtney.  I live and work in Rwanda, Africa doing economic development as missions.  I have done three shorter triathlons in the past and decided this year to push my endurance and train to complete a half ironman (1.2 swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run).  I’m raising money for TMC because I love their ministry!  My goal is to raise $1,000 for TMC.

Please Pray For: Safety while training in Rwanda and that I’ll be able to complete the course within 7 hours.


2014 Upcoming Races:

monaMona Boelens
Round Lake, IL
Race TBA – Summer, 2014

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About Me: I am celebrating my 14th year working at TMC and my 6th year of raising financial support through TEAM TMC. I love to race and cheer on others who race locally as it is such an encouraging environment like the one TMC provides for young mothers.

My Goals: I will be selecting a race that will provide a new challenge for me! Stay tuned! I race for TMC because I have seen first-hand the ways God transforms our young families’ lives from one of loneliness and dependence into mature, confident and often times God-honoring families that are self-reliant and contribute to their community.

Please Pray For: Time to train, the discipline needed to prepare, and the physical health needed to cross the finish line. Thank you!

Linda Carroll
Antioch, IL
Race TBA – Summer, 2014

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About Me: I will be running the Prairie State Half Marathon with TMC Alumna, Linda Crump! I have run for TEAM TMC for the past 3 years, doing 2 marathons and one half marathon.  It has been exciting to see TEAM TMC grow and become one of TMC’s largest fundraisers!  It has been tons of fun to train with others who love to run and share my desire to help teen mothers and their children. My goal is to continue raising awareness through TEAM TMC

My Goals:  I am doing this because I believe in what TMC is doing for teen mothers and their children. With the help of TMC and their mentors, these young mothers become mature and confident young women, who are self-reliant and contribute to their community.

Please Pray For:  Faithfully following the training program, to be an encouragement to other members of TEAM TMC and for physical health as I begin my training in early June.

Linda Crump 1Linda Crump
Grayslake, IL
Race TBA – Summer 2014

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About Me:  Hi my name is Linda, I am a TMC alumna, and I will be running my first half-marathon this year.  This will be my second year running for Team TMC and I am loving every minute of it!  Last year I ran a 5k for Team TMC and I’ve decided it’s time to step it up. I will be running the Prairie State half-marathon with Linda Carol this fall.  I started dedicating more time to my health and fitness on Jan 2, 2012 and I am going strong.  Running has become a passion and I desire to continue to give back to TMC by raising funds through Team TMC.  I cannot thank TMC enough for all they have done for me.  It brings me great pleasure to be able to have the opportunity to support other young mothers.

My Goals: I race for Team TMC because I believe in their mission and through their mentoring and life skill workshops, they helped me become a better mother.  My goals are to inspire others to run for Team TMC and to raise $1000 for young mothers and their children.

Please Pray For:  for strength and discipline.

carl festin 4Carl Festin

Lake Villa, IL
Race TBA – 2014

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About Me: This is my second year racing for TMC.  I believe in what TMC is doing and I want to help raise support and awareness of TMC.  This year I am hoping to reach my goal of $1500 to help the TMC ministry.

Please Pray For:  An injury free training season and good health at the time of the marathon.

Team TMC Michelle FosterMichelle Foster

Des Plaines, IL
North Shore Half Marathon - June 1, 2014

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About Me:

My Goals:  I am running another race for Team TMC because I believe in this organization!  Through my work and a mentor – Life skill workshops, training and ongoing interactions with Odalys – I see how this program can make a profound impact on TMC moms’ lives.  I appreciate the opportunity to share Jesus’ love through practical means that make a big difference to Odalys and her son.

Please Pray For:  Continued health as I train for this race.  Also, please pray for God to open doors for mentors to share their faith with TMC moms at all the sites.


Kendall Point & Devin Gaines

Round Lake Beach, IL
Richardson’s Corn Maze 5K - October, 2014

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About Me: Hi, my name is Devin and I’m 15 years old. My mom was a teen mom and we were in the TMC program when I was 4 years old. I am a football player and baseball player and began High School this year. Last year my mom and I raced in the 5K Corn Maze at Richardson’s Farm. We also completed a 5K Shamrock Shuffle in March and look forward to racing again for the organization that helped us so long ago. Thanks so much for your support.

Rob Grimm 2013Rob Grimm
Gurnee, IL
Gurnee Days 10K, August 9, 2014

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About me: I am running the Gurnee Days 10k race to support a wonderful ministry that models Jesus’ commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Goal: To bring glory to the kingdom and strive to become more like Him in all I do.

Please Pray For: That I will run to You, to Your words of truth.  Not by might, not by power – but by the spirit of God.  Yes I will run the race ’till I see Your face.  Oh let me live in the glory of Your grace.


Tim Holst

Grayslake, IL
Race TBA – Summer, 2014

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About Me: I want to lose weight, stay fit and raise $750 for TMC by participating in the Prairie State Half Marathon.

Please Pray For: Good health during training; I’ve had running related injuries in the past.

jos-pictureJo Pebenito
Round Lake, IL
Richardson’s Corn Maze – October 19, 2014

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About Me:I started running last year to improve my heath and also thought about running to raise fund to support a ministry. And that’s when I chose Teen Mother Choices because I believe in their ministry to help teen mothers to become self-reliant and matured individuals so that they could take care of their child/children.

My goal is to run at the Richardson’s World’s Largest Corn Maze 5K again in October and raise $300 and also to encourage my family and friends to support TMC’s mission by either praying for the teen moms and their children and or donate money to the ministry.

Please Pray For: Please pray for physical health, injury-free training days and endurance to finish the race.

bill santelik

Bill Santelik
Deerfield, IL
Race TBA - Summer, 2014

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About Me: I am racing to bring awareness and support to Teen Mother Choices, which disciples teen mothers and equips them with life skills to guide them to a productive life with their child.

My Goal:  I would like to raise at least $1,500 for TMC in my training/racing endeavor for 2014.

Please Pray For: I ask that you prayerfully consider what you can offer to support the TMC cause, knowing that your funds will go to help a teenage mother and her child know that they are loved.  I also ask for prayers for dedication to my training regimen, and many, many injury free miles.

emy speedEmy Speed

Beach Park, IL
Richardson’s World’s Largest Corn Maze 5K – October 19,  2014

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About Me: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” I am thankful to GOD for the talents and abilities that HE has blessed me with and the only way I can show HIM my appreciation is paying it forward. I was asked to be TMC’s Financial Management Counselor in Gurnee last year where I have gotten to know these young ladies so I would like to do more for them by becoming a member of TEAM TMC.

My Goal:  I am not a runner; this is the very first time that I will be participating in something like this. I am sure I can walk 5K so I am planning to raise at least $300 on this race.

Please Pray For: Please pray that I will have the strength, endurance and energy to complete this race. I am diabetic but I am sure GOD will see me through this – HE always has in the past.

Hank and GabbyHank & Gabby Struik
Libertyville, IL
Race TBA – Summer 2014

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About Me:  Hi! My name is Gabby Struik and I will be running the Twilight Shuffle with my dad again this year. I am 15 years old and a freshman in high school. In addition to running, I also play tennis and soccer. My mom has volunteered for TMC since 2005 and I have just started to help out at some of the fundraisers with my friends. This is an amazing organization and I am proud to be part of Team TMC.

Please Pray For: For more people to learn about this wonderful program!

carrie team tmcCarrie Yeaman
Gurnee, IL
Gurnee Turkey Trot, November 2014

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About Me:  I am the Director of Student Services for TMC Gurnee and this is my 3rd year on staff.  I believe God brought me here to stretch and teach me.  I have learned so much from these young moms as I walk alongside them on their journey.  I want the opportunity to give back something to them, since they continue to bless me.

Please Pray For: That God will use this race to bring further awareness about TMC to our community.